Our Iceland Adventure

Home to both volcanoes and glaciers, Iceland has long been known as the land of fire and ice. Located just below the arctic circle, this small island country is filled to the brim with geologic wonders. Imagine spouting geysers, active volcanoes, toasty thermal pools, booming waterfalls, and magnificent otherworldly terrain. Opportunities are vast for both exciting adventure and sublime relaxation.

With all of this in mind, I couldn’t imagine a better destination for a group of women to explore and experience, disconnect and reconnect.

I eagerly started to curate an itinerary and I chose early October as the timeframe for the trip so that we would be traveling off-season while hopefully still being able to experience comfortable temperatures with a chance of seeing the northern lights.

The itinerary came together pretty quickly and before we knew it, October was here and it was time to depart.

After a quick non-stop flight from Boston, our group of fifteen women arrived into Reykjavik. In no time at all we were exploring the downtown streets and what better way to acquaint ourselves with the city than to enjoy a culinary tour. As an added bonus Miss Universe Iceland 2020 was our tour guide, and a phenomenal and fun guide she was!

After a full day and night spent in Reykjavik we met our private driver guide the following morning and headed south of the city to begin a new day of sightseeing and exploration. From our very first stop of the day until our last, every site we stopped at was spectacular, and to add a little heart pounding adventure into the day we rode out to a black sand beach (complete with a plane wreck!) on our own ATVs.

Later that evening we arrived at our second hotel of the trip which was located on the south coast of the country close to Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon. We enjoyed a wonderful dinner at the hotel and there was a feeling of excitement in the air as we knew the aurora forecast was high for that evening. Following dinner we stepped outside of our hotel and that’s when it began, a once in a lifetime experience, the northern lights came to life. We stood in awe and watched the lights dance around. It was truly a special and magical moment in time.

After an incredibly memorable evening, we started our third day in Iceland eagerly anticipating another highlight of the trip, the glacier hike. As we made our way to the start of our hike we made a few quick stops along the way and especially enjoyed Diamond Beach.

We started our glacier hike around mid-day and it was unlike anything that any of us had ever experienced, which is exactly why I wanted to add it into the itinerary. Would it be challenging? Sure. Would it get us out of our comfort zones? Hopefully. Armed with crampons, harnesses, and pick axes, we made our way up the glacier, and the higher we got, the more dramatic the glacier became. We hiked until we couldn’t go any further, struck a few poses, and had a few laughs. This was truly an awesome experience and I would highly recommend it.

Our fourth and final full day of the itinerary was spent exploring the Golden Circle. We had a full day planned visiting Thingvellir National Park, a hot spring (complete with glasses of champagne!), a delicious tomato greenhouse farm for lunch, and more.

Our trip to Iceland was magical and absolutely unforgettable. I would highly recommend this island destination for almost any type of traveler, from couples and friends to families and groups. The trip can be as leisurely or adventurous and as long or short as you like. The possibilities are vast.

As for our group, as we wrapped up our time together I was reminded of the saying “the fastest way to make a friend for life, is to travel with a stranger.” Many of us met for the first time at the airport and we returned home as good friends with lifetime memories.

If you’re interested in experiencing this unique destination, please reach out to me (Amy) at [email protected].


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